Monday, July 19, 2004

A Rich White Woman Who Won't Be Voting For Bush Again

On the first flight (it would have been the only one, except that it never actually took off, thanks to mechanical difficulties) from Detroit to Canton, I sat next to Karen - her name is easy to remember because every other sentence she spoke included her name: "he said to me, 'Karen, what about...'" - and we got into a discussion about the election. She's evidently wealthy - with homes in New Jersey, Florida, and somewhere on an island (Bahamas, maybe?) and a job that has her flying around the country looking at companies to acquire. She has always voted Republican, including for Bush in 2000. But she's not going to vote for him this time around - because of how he lied to the elderly, telling them he would provide prescription drugs and then failing to fund the program. She's not happy about Iraq, either, and I asked how happy she was with the budget deficit; the answer was not at all.

I couldn't quite get her to commit to placing a vote (in Florida!) for Kerry, although she did say she would vote, there are only two candidates on the ballot, and she won't vote for Bush, so: draw your own conclusions. Karen's also unhappy with George's brother Jeb (governor of Florida) because of the dismal state of education and treatment of prisoners in that state.


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