Thursday, September 02, 2004

Less about the campaign; more about people

There's enough going on with the campaign that I can't share that there isn't much to say about it on this blog. Suffice it to say: we're very busy, I think Kerry's going to win (by a lot!), and I hope my candidate is, too. I've walked in a parade, dropped flyers on people's doorsteps, and handed out more flyers at the fair; I spend most of my time in the office preparing maps so our volunteers know which doors to knock on.

But there's another side to this campaign, one I can share more of - it's the people we're doing this for. We're doing this for everyone, of course - everyone in the district, and (particularly with respect to John Kerry) everyone in the nation and beyond. But I run into people, not even in the course of campaigning - just a matter of living here - who have stories to tell, stories colored by the background of harsh economic and social reality that conservatives foster. There's nothing compassionate about this reality.

These stories aren't balanced, and they're not exactly representative - they're the stories told to me by people who've hit bottom and don't see any way back, people bursting with the hurt of injustice, people grasping for anyone, just to listen and share a little bit of their pain. They don't expect help, just hope for a little sympathy.

The richest country in the history of this planet shouldn't have desperate, hungry, homeless people - but in Canton, Ohio, deep in the heart of America's rust belt, they are all over.

Republicans can't see the poor that their hateful social policies create. It's time to run them out of office and make things better.


Blogger Marcus said...

Hi Carl,

we still keep the fingers crossed! Your election in the US will not only influence your country. We all depend of your choice.

All the luck we might need,


1:41 PM  

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